Swabbing Policy

Medication Control Policy Statement

Horses led, ridden or driven in WP&CS of Australia competitions must not compete under the influence of prohibited medications. The FEI defines what a prohibited substance is in the FEI veterinary regulations; the EA agrees and uses the same definition. As an affiliate of the EA, the WP&CS of Australia also uses the same definition. The WP&CS of Australia Medication Control Policy describes requirements for the drug testing of horses and ponies.

Medication control sampling (swabbing) is recommended at the following events/occasions:

All State or National Championships, including State All Welsh Shows and the National Show

Any State WP&CS approved shows, including Performance competitions, Young stock and Foal shows and other shows organised at the state level that are approved by the WP&CS committee of management (COM)

Upon any horse or pony that dies/ has to be euthanised at a WP&CS of Australia State or National Championship Competition

It is the responsibility of owners / exhibitors to consult with their veterinarian and / or the drug manufacturer for up to date information concerning the likely withholding period for any drugs prescribed and administered.

Under this Policy, the owner and/or rider/handler is held responsible and accountable for the condition of the horse or pony and for compliance with this Policy. The owner shall ensure that any rider/handler is aware of the terms of this Policy and shall comply with any request made by the WP&CS of Australia to the rider/handler in relation to this Policy.

Simplified link to the FEI web site to view substance list using trade name or drug name.


Medication and Treatment form link http://www.fei.org/fei/cleansport/ad-h/medforms

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