Members Handbook - Information about Breed Type, Conformation, Showing

For information on how to Show your Welsh Pony please view our Members Handbook by clicking this link. Here you will find information on the Standard of Excellence, Conformation, Show Ring, Judging, Workouts and Native Pony.

Welsh ponies & Cobs are noted for their versatility and are not limited to in hand & saddle. They excel in all fields harness, eventing, novelties, dressage and endurance.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Mr David Ross - Falconhurst Pony Stud British Show Pony Society Welsh Pony & Cobs Society UK Showring Bug Pippa Porley Mr Wayne Boyde Mrs. Mary de Crespigny Lorelle Mercer Photography Bridey Lee Photography Delwyn Moss Photography Julie Wilson Photography Gary Jameson Photography Derek Leary Photography Members Handbook Download Conformation

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