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Congratulations Sarah Davis

The Young Ambassador of 2015-2017

Young Ambassador's Report

Over the last few months I have been attending a number of Welsh events. It was a real treat to attend Queensland’s first little Red Dragon Show, a great initiative for young participants by the Western Australian team led by Kym Shingleton. Judging by the number of happy faces throughout the day it was a successful event enjoyed by all. The Queensland RPG kindly allowed me the opportunity to assist by judging the Young Handlers and Fancy Dress classes.

Throughout the rest of the day I was able to meet, discuss ideas with and encourage some of the younger members to get involved. I was also able to hold a short Junior Judging seminar at the end of the day, explaining the event, providing some tips and encouraging further involvement by these young members and enthusiasts.

I attended the Welsh National Show as both the Young Ambassador and the Queensland representative in the Young Judges competition. I would like to congratulate Simonn Mansley from Tasmania on taking out the 2016 National Young Judge Award, and the organisers of the event for continuing to offer this opportunity. It was great to once again attend the National Show, to meet and get to know the other state representatives and to have the opportunity to steward and learn more about ring-craft. I would strongly encourage all young members to get involved in the Young Judges competition within their local group with their RPG and at their State All Welsh shows as it provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Welsh breed, the standard of excellence and the Society

as well as refining your eye and establishing what you are wanting to breed towards.

In March the inaugural meeting for the new Sunshine and Fraser Coast RPG was held. I was able to be a part of this meeting and found attending it an excellent way to gain more of an insight into how the Society supports members through the Regional Promotional Groups. I am now the co-opted youth member for this RPG, and plan on representing the younger members as I am able. My vision is that many other RPGs will appoint a co-opted young person by the end of my period as Young Ambassador. Over the next few months I will be writing to all RPGs and helping them to recuit a young person to their committees. I recently had the opportunity to meet informally with a number of young members and enthusiasts. This was a exciting opportunity to talk with them about the junior judging competition, and to assist them with their preparation for their Junior Handler classes and with the presentation of their ponies and cobs at the forthcoming Queensland All Welsh. It’s been a busy but fun time being Young Ambassador!

Sarah Davis

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