Foal Futurity


Some background:

The first WPCSA Foal Futurity was judged at the Victorian All Welsh Show in 1985.

Foal Futurity competitions are now held in each State, either at the relevant State All Welsh Show or another Society event nominated by the Foal Futurity organiser.

Welsh ponies, cobs and Part Welsh are exhibited under three judges as two year olds with separate classes for each Section for fillies, colts and geldings.

There are three separate ‘nominations / entry fees’ payable per animal.

To enter a WPCSA Foal Futurity, unborn foals must be ‘nominated’ by the 31st July in the season prior to their birth. In the year following their birth, ie as yearlings, a second nomination fee is payable by the 31st July in the season prior to them turning yearlings, and as two year olds, the third nomination fee is due also by the 31st July in the season prior to their turning two years old.

If the three nominations are not paid, the animal is not eligible to be exhibited.

If an animal changes hands and the nominations are still paid, the animal is still eligible for the Foal Futurity, with procedures in place for transfers including between States.

Why have a Foal Futurity?

The idea of a Foal Futurity is to illustrate a breeder’s confidence in their decisions on breeding a good foal, hence the first nomination being due prior to the foal’s birth.

The competition:

The animals are exhibited as two year olds, with three judges officiating. The three judges use a scoring system to score each individual pony, with the three scores combined, and the placings calculated from these scores. There is also a Supreme Foal Futurity Exhibit at each event with a photo of the Supreme eligible for the Prize Winners Gallery in the Society annual journal.

The prizes!

A certain portion of the entry fees are used as prize money for the completion, so the more entries the higher the prize money. How many events can you win prize money at?

Why enter and / or compete?

The nomination / entry fees are very reasonable, particularly the first nomination fee to encourage breeders to nominate.

For breeders, success at a Foal Futurity confirms the success of their decision making and dedication to breeding a successful Welsh pony, cob or Part Welsh animal.

For the exhibitor, whether the breeder or owner, the Foal Futurity provides a competition judged under a very fair system, and a second class at a major event on the WPCSA show calendar.

If you haven’t considered entering your unborn foals for a Foal Futurity, why not start now?

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