Judges Seminar Guidelines for RPGs


At any Judges Seminar it is mandatory to include

Discussion on Judges/Show Rules & Regulations with particular emphasis on the updates and additions for the previous three years.This should be given sufficient time during the day to discuss new or amended regulations and to revise existing regulations. Particular attention should be paid to the areas relating to Safety & Risk Management.

Question time/Open forum

Choose at least two other topics for discussion during the day from the list below

Conformation and soundness

Welsh type and movement

Disciplines other than breed classes. Topics could include Welsh, Show or Working hunters, Lead Rein/First Ridden, Harness and saddle classes in general.

Ring Management and the role of stewards

Record any questions that result from these sessions – to be used as a basis for discussion with the attendees at the Workshop at the end of the seminar.

Give plenty of time for a workshop, discussing any scenarios relevant to judging, either from a judge’s or competitor’s view.

General Guidelines

Seminar content and speakers need to approved by COM and must include at least one speaker from the Society judges’ panel.
To be recognized as a Judges Seminar a minimum of four hours in total of the program must be devoted to topics from the above lists. Plan ahead so the event can be promoted in Action and on the Society website.

Choose a facility that is central to your area.

You don’t have to have ‘live animals’ but it would be preferable.There is a UK WPCS DVD which is sufficient for a demonstration if you wish but it is recommended that speakers from the current Judges’ Panel be available to discuss the DVD.

The WPCSA Members Handbooks should be available to all attendees.These are available from the National Office or alternatively, may be downloaded from the Society website.

Event notification form required - YES

Applications for a judges’ seminar should be sent to COM at least 16 weeks prior to the event giving time for promotion to all members.

Outside speakers (eg vets, farriers, horse dentists) can be integrated into the program, particularly if you are running a Seminar & Information Day for Members format, provided the mandatory topics listed above are adequately covered during the day.

Don’t try to fit too much into one day – more time spent on fewer subjects can be much more valuable.


Accurate records of all attendees should be kept, with information to be sent to the National Office to update current judges’ records. Record attendance of non-judges also, as this may benefit future applicants to be recorded on their resumes at a later date.

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