Transfers, Leases & Service Certificates


The transfer of registration certificate is a legally binding document and therefore should not be tampered with by using liquid paper or altering other details on the card.
Signatures are checked for validity against membership records.

Is there a Transfer form?

No, the transfer details are recorded on the reverse side of the registration certificate (DL size card). Once the card is full the Office will re issue a new card.

How much is a Transfer?

A Pony transfer is currently $25.00 (as at 1st August 2011) if lodged in the Office within 60 days of purchase.
A penalty fee of $25.00 on top of the transfer fee is incurred after this time.

Who Pays for the Transfer?

The Society regulation states it is the responsibility of the Vendor to pay the Transfer fee and ensure the completed registration card is returned to the Office for processing.
Although many Vendors/ Buyers negotiate private terms regarding this matter.

Who signs and dates the card?

The back of the registration certificate should be clearly signed and dated by the Vendor.
Without the date and signature the transfer will not be able to be processed.

Who gets the transfer / registration card when the pony is sold?

The original registration certificate is required to be returned to the National Office with payment for processing, once completed the certificate will be returned to the new owner.
Again private negotiation is often undertaken regarding who sends the Registration Certificate to the National Office.

Why a transfer can not be completed.

The fee paid may not be correct
The date and/or vendor’s signature may not have been completed
The information at the back of the registration certificate may have been altered or liquid paper may have been used.
The new owner is not a member of the Society.

How long does a Transfer take to process?

Within the week if the new owner is a current financial member. If the owner is not a member of the Society, it can take up to 4 weeks once the Office has received the application for new membership. (all NEW memberships require approval by COM)

The transfer was signed over to me but the last transfer was not completed?

One transfer providing it was signed and dated over to the past owner can be skipped. Have that owner sign the pony over to the new owner to establish the pony is now sold on again. (even if the past owners were non members).
if more than one transfer has taken place and the Society has not been notified then a Statutory Declaration needs to be signed by the last recorded registered owner acknowledging the transfer to the new owner and they need to state that they have identified the pony (either by clear photos or inspection) as the one and the same pony as per the Certificate of Registration, and they state that they approve the new owner (and name this person) to take ownership. The Statutory Declaration is also required by the new owner acknowledging legal ownership and identifying the pony as the one and the same pony as per the Registration Certificate. Make sure that the name of the pony that you have purchased appears on the Statutory Declaration.

What a completed transfer looks like?

A completed transfer is one which has been endorsed with the date stamp and horse head society logo over the name of the new owner on the reverse of the registration certificate.
Once completed the new owner details will reflect on the On Line Stud Book.


  • Pony lease recording forms can be obtained from the National Office at no charge or download the form.
  • Once filled out with both the lessor and lessee details, the date the lease commenced and the date the lease is to finish

(note we can not record open ended leases) this form needs to be sent to the National Office with the appropriate fee – $30.50.

  • Only the person leasing the pony is required to current financial members for the lease to be recorded.
  • Once processed a letter goes to both the lessor and the lessee with the details of the lease for their records. A lease certificate is also produced which is sent to the lessee.
  • The original registration certificate is to be kept by the recorded registered owner and this should not be sent to the office with the lease application form.


How do I terminate the lease earlier than expected?

If the lease is cancelled prior to the end date then a letter needs to be sent into the office from both the lessee (stating that the pony has been returned back to the owner and the date that the pony was returned) and the lessor (stating that they have received the pony back and the date the pony was returned to them). These letters need to be signed and dated and the letter from the lessee needs to have the lease certificate attached to it.
The Society does not become involved in legal disputes. It is recommended that an individual contract be entered into between the Owner & Lessee.


Service Certificates are available from the National Office as a book of 20 for $11.00 or if you contact the office by email or phone a single duplicate certificate will be mailed to you at no charge. (this document is in duplicate and not available on the web site).

  • Any breeders using Stallions to service outside mares will be required to supply a service certificate to the owner of the Dam.
  • The certificate should be signed and dated and forwarded to the office with the registration of any foals.
  • A service certificate is imperative if you are the breeder but not the owner of the Stallion at the time of service, to enable registration of foals.

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