Reciprocal Pony Eligibility


What are reciprocal Pony registrations?

This is a Pony who has at least the minimum 12.5 % Part Welsh Blood in them who is not currently registered with the WPCS. But is registered with another society such as the APSB.

Who can register a reciprocal Pony?

You are required to be the owner of the pony with reciprocal rights; proof of this is required to be sent to the Office with the registration papers.

How do I register a reciprocal Pony?

You are required to become a FULL financial member of the Society.
The Proof of owner ship is required via a copy of another approved Stud Book Society’s registration papers showing ownership details.

Are you uncertain of the pony’s eligibility?

A pony requires a minimum of 12.5% Welsh Blood to be eligible for any registration
You are required to send a pedigree to the Office for eligibility. Sometimes a five generation pedigree is requested.
Contacting the office with Sire & Dam details via email will allow the Office to check the validity of your pony.

If jointly or individually the Sire or Dam has at least 25% Welsh Blood proven then your pony is eligible for registration providing all the other requirements are met. These requirements can be found on the Part Welsh Application for registration form

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