Getting started with Registrations


Forms can be emailed, faxed or posted to the National Office prior to processing.
If you fax or email the forms DO NOT post them to the office as well, this may risk being charged twice.

When is the registration breeding year?

The breeding year is from 1st August to the 31st July. (All paperwork for any ponies born within this time should be received at the Office prior to the 31st July or risk incurring penalty fees). Branding should indicate the year 1st August reflects. ie: a late foal born in January of the breeding year 2008 would reflect the year 2007, NOT 2008.

What is a registration?

Once registered with the Welsh Pony & Cob Society the pony is recorded for life with the Society. It will be designated a registration number unique to that pony.
This records all of the details associated with that pony such as breeding, colour, brands and breeder. Ownership details are required to be updated as the pony is sold on.

How long does this process take?

This process takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks. It can take longer if the paperwork is submitted incorrectly or requires further information. The COM has an Editing Committee who oversees the registrations processed by the Registrar at the National Office.

  • The registration payment is receipted upon arrival at the office.
  • Placed in the Registrars incoming registrations file.
  • Once inspected and checked for dates, signatures, validity of breeding, Ownership etc the paperwork if correct is what is called PRE EDITED.
  • Then the pre edited papers travel outside the Office to the Editing Committee for approval to verify the Registrars work and viewing for any discrepancies.
  • Once returned to the Office by the Editing Committee, one last inspection for validity by the Editing Chairman ensures the documentation is all in order.
  • The registrar will up date the computer and release the pony from its pending state on the Stud Book system.
  • The registrar will then proceed to print off the registration certificates, seal them with the embossing stamp, sign and post them.

What can hold up the registration process?

  • Certain times of the year (June - July especially) a great influx of registrations occurs causing a delay in the Pre Editing process.
  • Incorrect payment not received with the registration paperwork.
  • Incorrect paperwork, such as missing service certificate or Markings page.
  • Signatures need to be correct.
  • Membership Status incorrect.
  • No Prefix and /or Brand noted or registered by the breeder.
  • Dates incorrect.

If any of these things are discovered to be wrong with the registration submission, the Office will mail a letter to the breeder/owner to notify you of the error and request further information be sent to the Office. At this point the paperwork is placed in FILE under the anticipated name of the pony, waiting for these additional documents to arrive back at the Office. Once they arrive at the Office the FILE is retrieved and the editing process continues. (This however is the greatest reason for the delay in the registration of the pony).

Who can apply to register a pony?

  • Only a FULL financial member of the Society can register a Pony. If being registered by the breeder, they are required to have a Prefix and Brand registered with this Society.
  • The Dam who has delivered the foal should be recorded in the person’s name that is making the application or that person should have a current a lease in place.
  • This deems the owner or lessee of the Dam to be the Breeder of the Foal.

When should a pony be registered with the Society?

Within the birth year or risk incurring penalty fees.
There are no penalty fees applicable to Pure or Part Welsh Geldings.
The breeding year is from the 1st of August to the 31st of July the following year.

Who signs the breeder’s declaration?

It is the owner of the Sire and Dam who signs the breeder’s declaration. If the Sire was not owned by the breeder at the time of service, a service certificate is required.

If a registration Certificate is lost how do we get another one?

Only the current recorded registered owner of the pony can apply for a duplicate certificate. The duplicate certificate form must be sent to the office requesting the duplicate certificate, attach the relevant fee of $30.00 and once processed will be sent to the current recorded registered owner.
Duplicate certificates and transfer can be done at the same time with a fee of $55.00 (if the form is in the office within the 60 days of the purchase date, otherwise another $25.00 will need to be included for a late fee).

(COM occasionally have to approve re issuing of certificates).


What are reciprocal Pony registrations?

This is a Pony who has at least the minimum 12.5 % Part Welsh Blood in them who is not currently registered with the WPCS. But is registered with another society such as the APSB or Riding Pony Society.

Who can register a reciprocal Pony?

  • You are required to be the owner of the pony with reciprocal rights; proof of this is required to be sent to the Office with the registration papers.

How do I register a reciprocal Pony?

  • You are required to become a FULL financial member of the Society.
  • The Proof of owner ship is required via a copy of another approved Stud Book Society’s registration papers showing ownership details.

You are uncertain of the pony’s eligibility.

  • A pony requires a minimum of 12.5% Welsh Blood to be eligible for any registration
  • You are required to send a pedigree to the Office for eligibility. Sometimes a 5 (five) generation pedigree is requested.
  • Contacting the office with Sire & Dam details via email will allow the Office to check the validity of your pony.
  • If jointly or individually the Sire or Dam has at least 25% Welsh Blood proven then your pony is eligible for registration providing all the other requirements are met. These requirements can be found on the Part Welsh Application for registration form

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