DNA, Stallion Registrations, AI Permits, Vet Certificate of soundness

All forms are on the bottom of this page as PDF's.

Stallion Registration and DNA application

  • You must apply for the Stallion registration kit with the National office. You will be sent all forms, instructions and the DNA kit.

  • Stallion registration includes DNA profiling fees, the cost is $205.00.

  • If the pony has been DNA profiled through another Society, a copy of the DNA result will be required to be forwarded to the office. (Please see the link below with more information about Stallion Registration), the DNA profiling fee may not be required if DNA profiling information can be supplied from an approved organisation). Fee for Stallion registration where DNA is provided by another approved society $135.00

  • A Colt is required to be adult registered between the ages of 2 and 4 (going by the breeding season which is from the 1st August to the 31st July). If the pony is older than 4 years of age, penalty fees apply for Pure Breeds as per Regulation 9A of the Regulations for entry of stock into the AWSB.
  • AI Protocols.

For Stallions registered in Australia.

1. The Stallion must be registered with the WPCS and DNA result held on file. *An AI Permit is no longer required for Australian Stallions.

a. A Certificate of Service must be completed at the time of insemination (A book of service certificates can be purchased from the National office for $11.00. Tick the applicable box on the Service certificate, Chilled or Frozen semen service) this must be signed by the stallion owner. Alternatively the Vet can sign the Certificate of Service for AI (form below) but the Stallion owner must complete the Transfer of Semen form (see below). Both these forms must be forwarded to the National office.

b. DNA fingerprinting of both Mare and Progeny to be completed before registration of AI progeny from Frozen semen.

Procedure for Registration of AI progeny into the WPCS Stud Book

1. Stallions being used for AI within Australia no longer need to have an AI permit issued by the Society.

2. Upon insemination of Semen you should obtain a Certificate of Service with an applicable box (Frozen or chilled semen) ticked. This form must accompany the application of registration for the resulting foal a Certificate of service must be signed by the Stallion owner.

3. Once progeny has been born you should apply to the office for a DNA fingerprint kit for both the Mare and Foal (applicable for Frozen semen service only). The cost of the kit is $70 each. Please download the form from the website and forward this along with payment to the office. The kit will then be posted to you. You should organise for a Vet to pull the hair sample and send the hair sample to the lab in the envelope provided. The Vet should complete the Markings page on the back of the form and sign. The forms should be sent back the office for processing.

4. Complete the Registration application form and post them back to the office along with the completed Certificate of Service . Please note that no registration forms can be accepted via Facsimile.

5. Registration will be completed once DNA results and all paperwork are received at the office as long as all paperwork is filled out correctly.

Imported Semen.

If you are importing Semen from an Overseas Welsh Society you will need to apply to the office for a Imported Semen Stallion AI Permit. The office will require the following documentation be submitted together with the application.
a. Full DNA Profile
b. Copy of Registration Paperwork from Other Society (Passport etc)
c. 5 generation pedigree.
d. Fee of $55.00 for issue of Stallion AI Permit.

When semen is sold a Transfer of ownership of semen form must be provided to the National office by the Stallion owner.
When a Mare is inseminated the AI Certificate of service must be completed by the Vet or AI tech.
Both Mare and resulting foal must be DNA typed and a parentage analysis performed to the Stallion DNA profile held on file.

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