Section E Gelding

Section E Gelding

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The Welsh Gelding - Section E

The geldings produced by any of the four sections registered with the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia are in great demand.

All Welsh geldings come under the umbrella of Section E in the studbook.

However, their breeding is noted on their registration certificate

ie. Section E Gelding of (A) Breeding.

At WPCS Australia Inc. events, the classes are usually in the Section of the Studbook from which their breeding is derived,
ie. Gelding of Section A breeding.

Over height geldings are eligible to be shown in their relevant class.

Show preparation: geldings are usually presented in the same manner as mares and stallions in their breed section.

The Welsh gelding competes successfully in open competition with all other breeds and cross breeds.

In addition the Society promotes classes for the Welsh geldings in a wide range of equestrian fields at National, Regional and local shows and events.

The Welsh gelding’s temperament makes it the ideal mount for all members of the family, irrespective of age.

*For more information see the ‘Members’ Handbook’.