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Part Welsh

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Part-Welsh Register
Height – no upper or lower height
The Welsh Breed is in great demand for crossing with other breeds. A pony, horse or cob, either male or female is eligible for entry into the Part-Welsh Register provided it is certified that the breeding of the animal shows not less than 12.5% of proven Welsh blood, calculated from either sire or dam, or cumulative from both.
Part-Welsh Horses and Ponies excel in all disciplines.


Part Welsh animals have been popular for very many years. The value of Welsh blood as an important ingredient in breeding ponies has been recognised for many generations.
So much so, that the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia Inc formally recognised the Part Welsh when it incorporated a Part Welsh register as an appendix to the Welsh Stud Book in 1960. Researchers even tell us that as far back as Roman times, Julius Caesar recognised the value of Welsh Ponies when he used them as replacements for his chariot work.

Competitions and Shows
Wherever there is an equestrian activity, there will always be Part Welsh animals to be found. They excel at dressage, eventing, showjumping, cross-country, all types of driving, or working hunter pony.
Many pony owners have recognised the value of the Part Welsh and taken them to the very top. Others recognise them for their worth as fun-loving ponies to share with family and friends. Credit for the success of the Part Welsh must go to breeders who have shown the wisdom of selecting the Welsh Pony to produce the ultimate, all purpose, and crossbred pony.

Part Welsh Animals

Welsh Pony blood is eagerly sought for out crossing with Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Riding Ponies. To these established breeds, the infusion of the Welsh blood has given the resultant offspring stamina, a strong constitution, superb bone, courage and the ability to tackle any task.

The Welsh Pony is blessed with a superb temperament and acknowledged as the most beautiful and aristocratic of all Native Ponies. It provides the greatest pony outcross that the equestrian world has known. It is therefore little wonder that the Part Welsh Pony has achieved so much in the pony world.
Part Welsh animals have a minimum of 12.5% registered Welsh blood in their parentage, which can come from the sire, the dam, or both. For example, it can come from crossing two ponies which each have 12.5% Welsh blood, or from any other combination which ensures the 12.5% minimum is met. There is no restriction on the colour, unlike the Welsh Ponies and Cobs, where piebalds and skewbalds are not eligible.