Native Pony Breeds & Competition

Native Pony Breeds & Competition

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The Ridden Native Pony Championship

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The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia Inc. (WP&CSA) has introduced the Ridden Native Pony Championship to encourage ridden classes for the British Mountain and Moorland breeds, Fjord, Haflinger and Australian ponies.

The WP&CSA will support classes at Agricultural and WP&CSA approved events which will be qualifiers for the Ridden Native Pony State Championships that will be held at the State All Welsh Shows. The highest placed pony of each breed at the State Championship will qualify for the National Championship.

Why should you participate in the Championship?
The Championship gives the owners of native ponies the unique opportunity to compete solely with the other Native Breeds.

How the classes operate:
The entrants are assessed by two judges. One judge will assess the entrants for conformation and adherence to the breed description, and the other will assess the ridden workout. The entrants will do a workout together before both judges. The entrants will be assessed under saddle by the ridden judge. As they complete the ridden workout, the exhibits will be stripped by the strapper for judging by the conformation judge. The strapper then saddles the exhibit again.

The winner is the exhibit which achieves the highest total marks awarded by the ridden & conformation judges ,which are added together by the steward. Based on the experience in the United Kingdom, the classes should take about the same time as other ridden classes as the two judges are assessing at the same time.

What you will need :
Your pony must be a Native Pony that is 4 years & over registered with a Breed Society; Standard riding attire, including an approved helmet that meets Australian safety standards & a neatly dressed strapper to strip the exhibit for the in-hand section.

The British Mountain & Moorland Breeds, Australian Ponies, Haflinger & Fjord Ponies.

Welsh Mountain Pony, Welsh Pony, Welsh Pony of Cob Type, Welsh Cob.

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