Honorary Life Members and Presidents of the Society

From time to time Honorary Life Memberships are bestowed upon members of the Society.

Criteria for selection includes:

1. Efforts which have brought distinction to the Welsh breeds/Society

2. Efforts which have bought changes/Improvements to the Welsh breeds/Society

3. Efforts which have shown a major commitment to the Welsh breeds / Society.

4. Exemplary Conduct as a member at all times.

Honorary Life Members:

Mr KH Armstrong (deceased)

Mrs H Bartram (deceased)

Mrs NR Boock (deceased)

Mrs ME Brown Lyndon Lodge, 7 Carribee Close, BERRIMA, NSW, 2577

Mr S Bull Hilton Park (deceased)

Mr Mark W Bullen 786 McLeans Road, UPPER LURG, VIC, 3673

Miss S Ch De Crespigny 17 Frances Avenue YARRA GLEN 3775 VIC

Lady Dinah Creswick (deceased)

Mrs P Crompton P O Box 321 VICTOR HARBOR 5211 SA

Dr E W Davies Ceulan Miskin Pontyclun UK

Mrs A F Deane Llanfairbryn 35 Tinkham Road TONIMBUK 3815 VIC

Miss Elizabeth Doyle 717 Haigslea-Amberley Rd MS 592 Ipswich QLD 4306

Mrs Lana R Gray Oakbank 15 Greenhills Lane WINSLOW 3281 VIC

Mrs GA Lewis (deceased)

Mr G D McCann Glencairn, RSD CERES 3221 VIC 05

Mrs Joan McKinlay 4 McConnan Street BENALLA 3672 VIC

Mrs J Mc Laughlin (deceased)

Miss Maisie Mooney RSD C243 Lot 11 Wades Lane ROSS CREEK 3351 VIC

Mrs V Myers (deceased)

Mr RD Owen 14 Kennys Road TRAFALGAR 3824 VIC

Mrs DW Roberts (deceased)

Mrs Denise Rule PO Box 364 Cohuna Vic 3568

Mrs Joan Skipworth - Maccelsfield. Vic

Mr Gordon Turnbull 34 Rattray Road MONTMORENCY

Ms J R McDonald (deceased)

Mrs W McDonald, PO Box 53 WILLIAMS 6391 WA

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