Welsh Ponies and Cobs were among the earliest livestock brought to Australia from Britain after the arrival of white settlers in 1788 and although many had known pedigrees, there was no Stud Book in the Colony where their arrival or their descendants could be recorded, and their bloodlines were consequently lost in time.

The Welsh Pony & Cob Society in the United Kingdom was established in 1901 and published Volume 1 of its Stud Book in 1902.

In 1932 the Australian Pony Stud Book Society was formed for the purpose of officially recording the pedigrees of stud ponies within the Commonwealth.
The first Welsh Ponies and Cobs to be officially recorded arrived in Australia in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, and in Volume 1 of the Australian Pony Stud Book published in 1936, were listed as Reference Stallions and a Reference Mare.
There was no separate section for the Welsh breeds within the Australian Pony Stud Book and these animals were listed under the title of Australian Ponies until the publication of Stud Book Volume 7 published in 1969.

In September 1969, during the course of the Royal Melbourne Show, a small group of Welsh pony breeders and owners met in a feed locker to discuss the future of the Welsh breeds in Australia and the possibility of forming a Welsh Pony and Cob Society of Australia so that animals could be recorded in full compliance with the rules of the governing body, the Welsh Pony & Cob Society UK.

From that humble beginning rapid progress was made and the first Annual General Meeting as a constituted Society was held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds twelve months later, with the Society recognized by the Welsh Pony & Cob Society UK, and with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria as secretariat.

After some years at the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia purchased its own premises in Essendon, Victoria, and established its own office and employed staff. The need for more space necessitated a further move to larger premises, the National Office was re located to 24 Main Street, Pakenham, Victoria where it had remained until April 2009 when it again moved to a much larger premises at Suite 20 / 14 - 17 Hogan Court Pakenham 3810.

The Society has a Patron, a President and a President Elect, a Committee of Management, Regional Promotional Groups and Show Committees who all work under a volunteer status. The Society employs a Chief Officer, National Secretary, Registrar and Office Administration Staff who work from the National Office location. In the 32 years since its foundation the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia has registered approximately 28,000 ponies and cobs and its membership currently stands at over 2800.

The Society regularly publishes Stud Books, an annual journal, a quarterly magazine “Action”, and sponsors many and varied shows, events, and competitions Australia wide.

All membership enquiries should be directed to the National Office, members, whether breeders, owners or fanciers are very welcome to drop in and visit the National Office. Please enjoy browsing our Society Website

Hogan court

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