Distinguished Services Award


In recognition of members who have given exemplary service and commitment to the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia Inc., a ‘Distinguished Service Award’ has been introduced.

Criteria and details:

The nominee should be a “grass roots” member of the WPCSA who has given service over and above what was expected to the Society and / or Welsh breed for a minimum period of ten years.

The service should have been performed for the benefit of the Society or the breed as a whole, perhaps in a region or specific area, should not involve the acceptance of remuneration, and may or may not include one or some of the following areas:

  • Active and long standing participation in staging specific events.
  • Show or event organisation.
  • Promotion of the breed in the community or wider area.
  • Willing and consistent work at any level towards the success of an event.
  • Facilitator or communications between breed enthusiasts.

The WPCSA would like to recognise that quiet achiever, that unsung hero, who has possibly not been awarded any recognition to this time, but without whom the Society and the Welsh breed and all its many functions and promotions would not be as successful.

It is important recognition for those who went that extra mile for the breed, on top of or perhaps even outside, their own specific interests.

Nominations should be forwarded by the 1st of February annually, for consideration at the WPCSA Committee of Management Workshop Meeting.

Nominations may be forwarded by Regional Promotional Groups, Sub Committees, or individual members of the WPCSA.

Recipients of the award will be announced at the WPCSA Annual General Meeting each year.

2016 Award was presented to Mr Peter Bourchier

WPCSA Distinguished Service Award Nomination:

Tell us about your nominee.

How do they fit the Criteria?

How have they demonstrated their exceptional service to the Welsh Society and / or breed?

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Please explain in no less than 300 words, why you feel the nominated person deserves to be recognised by a ‘Distinguished Service Award’.

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