Dear Members

The WPCSA Committee of Management nominations closed on April 28 2016. A total of seven nominations were received for the six available committee positions so a ballot will take place.

Ballot papers have been posted to all voting (financial full members) members this week. Please read the nominee resume's carefully and send in your vote following the procedures correctly by the required closing time and date of 4pm, June 21st 2016.

The Society National Conference / Annual General Meeting will be held 'The Mantra', Tullamarine, Victoria on the 25 - 26th of June 2016.
The Annual General Meeting will be held at 5.30 pm on Saturday 25th June at the above venue.

Members are invited to attend the National Conference for an informative and enjoyable weekend, with guest speakers, Mark Burnell and Zelie Bullen, the Saturday night dinner and a Judges' & Enthusiasts Seminar on the Sunday morning.

Please follow this link for full details and a registration form. These details are also in the Winter Action which is available on-line http://www.wpcs.com.au/sb/modules/news/attachments/54/AGM%20registration%20form%202016.pdf link and will be in mailboxes soon.

Kind regards

Michele Baker

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